5 basic Steps To Make cash With A Blog

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Once you have your list of 100, look at each ezine’s website. Does it look professional? Is it a serious ezine for your niche? If it claims to have a million subscribers but offers you an ad for $30, this is not a serious ezine and you will be throwing your money down the drain.

Another way duplicate content can sneak up on you is if you are running a blog. A best business blog sites will typically ask you when posting to add posts to categories. But this then places a post on two or three different parts of your site. So when monetize blog will find the same content times three which can then lessen its impact.


The open rate is also known as open ratio. It means ratio between the total number of people to whom the emails were sent and the number of people who opened those emails. It is quiet normal that many of us do not open any kind of newsletters. For example, a company has ten thousand subscribers of their newsletters and out of this ten thousand, only four thousand opened their emails, then the open rate is forty percent. Recent earning through blogs showed that the average open rate in B2B (business to business) email newsletter is about 30% where else that in B2C (business to consumer) is lesser at about 20%. Therefore, in top blogs in the world , the open ratio of B2B is almost ten percent higher than B2C.

Do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oiov0L4blIw for other network top blog in usa. Find other people in the network marketing industry who have a very high profile blog. Each day read their new blog post then comment when your done. Create a high quality comment about the article and the place your backlink.

OAdvertising – Advertise where your prospects lurk. Online: buy banners on association and exposition sites before the big event, or at industry magazine sites. Look into world travel blog and print advertising. https://moz.com/learn/seo/mobile-optimization know a real estate rain-maker here in Chicago. He worked out a deal with a billboard company. Instead of buying just one billboard for 12 months, he worked with them to place his advertisement when they had contracts expire. The result netted him staggered one-month exposures on 12 different billboards all throughout the city of Chicago – his market. He paid for it himself. The ads created a huge buzz and a 5:1 return on investment.

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